Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body & Face Non Greasy Lotion Very Dry Skin 10oz

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Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body & Face Lotion Very Dry Skin 10oz 295ml

Everyone, everywhere deserves healed skin. That's why there is the Vaseline Healing Project, to help people living in crisis and disaster care for their skin. Vaseline Jelly is a necessity - an extra strength lotion powered by the same extraordinary Vaseline, Jelly extra strength heals very dry skin in 5 days. This unique formula includes concentrated moisturizers and Vaseline jelly without feeling greasy.

Vaseline® Men Healing Moisture Extra Strength lotion is specifically engineered to moisturize to help protect very dry skin from the elements

Moisturizes to heal very dry skin in just 5 days.

With menthol cooling sensation for overheated-feeling skin

Fast absorbing + non-greasy feel