Sisley Youth Hydrating Energizing Early Wrinkles Samples 4ml .14oz

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Sisley Youth Hydrating Energizing Early Wrinkles Samples 4ml


Sisley Youth is the first anti aging treatment to use from the age of 25. It defends the skins youth thanks to the Pea extract which is rich in peptides. It combats the first signs of aging as the soy peptide extract helps to reduce the first wrinkles and improve the tone of the skin.

It performs an energizing action via a powerful cocktail of active ingredients including Kiwi, Ginseng, Buckwheat and Ginko Biloba extracts which minimizes the harmful effects of oxidative stress and fatigue on the skin. Essential oils with stimulating properties provide a fresh revitalizing fragrance. It moisturizes the skin to maintain moisture at an optimal level. First wrinkles fade away and fine lines are smoothed.


Skin is revitalized, more tones and all its energy is restored. A fresh and deliciously silky emulsion with a velvety matte finish. Non comedogenic.


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