H2O Milk Body Butter 8oz 240ml And Milk Body Wash 360ml 12.2oz Clean Scent SET

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Set includes one of each.  

Milk Body Wash 12.2oz. 360ml. 

This body wash is silky and milky and bathes skin in moisture. Its enriched with vitamin E and milk thistle extract. 
It has a refreshing clean aroma and has a delightful creamy texture. Lather and rinse or add to running water for a foamy bath. 

Milk Body Butter 8oz. 240ml. 

Churn Baby Churn. A decadent dollop of Moringa Oil and a touch of Milk Thistle extract combine forces with this body butter to make even the driest skin feel so soft and smell so dreamy. Go ahead, drink it up.