Clarins Mens Non Oily Super Moisture Gel Freshness 12ml X2=24ml Travel Size

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Clarins Mens Non Oily Super Moisture Gel Freshness 12ml 0.4oz (pack of 2) 24ml Total

Travel Size - Factory Sealed Item

Discover an innovation in Men's moisturizing and hydration care. Super Moisture Gel helps revitalize and firm skin on contact and protect against pollution.

  • Ingredients:- -Calcium hyaluronate, a derivate of hyaluronic acid, of natural origin: reinforces skin hydration and tones.
  • -Sunflower auxins: smooth and firm skin. -Alpine sea holly extract, from organic farming: soothes, calms razor burn.
  • -Bison grass extract: energizes skin. Bison Grass a unique grass with powerful actions There's nothing bison like more than this little grass known for its hardiness, which is found on the vast plains of eastern Poland. The Polish use bison grass in their vodka to give it a delicious flavour. Its other virtues? Bison grass stimulates the blood circulation and has a powerful fortifying effect on the body.
Apply in the morning after shaving. Also apply at night when skin is dehydrated due to air conditioning, pollution, the sun or cold weather.