Arm & And Hammer Spinbrush Pro Whitening Refill Brush Head Soft

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Arm & And  Hammer Spinbrush Pro Whitening Refill Brush Head Soft!!

One pack- 2 Replacement Heads 

This pack offers 2 Brush heads for ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush. Pro Whitening battery-powered toothbrush is unlike ordinary brushes, designed to give you the deep cleaning you need for a beautiful, more radiant smile.Brush head is replaceable. To replace brush head: twist counterclockwise 90 degrees and pull away from handle. Slide on new head and turn clockwise 90 degrees until arrows are aligned.

Color-Wear bristles remind you to change your brush head every three months
Dual action brush head for double the cleaning motion
Whiter Teeth in 7 days
Innovative Whitening Bristle System
Also Fits: Pro Sensative, Pro Clean and Pro Clean Recharge