AfterShokz Aeropex Cosmic Black Wireless Bone Conduction Open Ear Headphones

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AfterShokz AS800CB Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Open Ear Headphones 

The AfterShokz Bluetooth Headphones, are the future of on-the-go audio. The technology transmits sound through your cheekbones, leaving your ears completely open to hear ambient sounds. The OpenFit design gives you maximum situational awareness, and keeps these bone conduction headphones comfortable during long-term wear.

It is 20% lighter build than counterparts with PremiumPitch+ for premium audio experience with wide dynamic range & rich bass.

It can play up to 8 hours of continuous music & calls on a single charge. It is completely sweat and waterproof (IP67). Moisture detection alert is included for safe charging. (Bluetooth headphones not suitable for swimming.)

Includes eartips, charging cord & carrying case