CLOSE UP Freshening Gel Flouride Toothpaste Ultra Cinnamon w Moushwash EX 06 21

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CLOSE UP Freshening Gel Anticavity Flouride Toothpaste Ultra Cinnamon Flavor Blast with Moushwash 6oz Expires 06-2021

Please note: Boxes might be bent/damaged but product is sealed in box and is in perfect condition.

Close-Up Freshening Gel toothpaste with Ultra Cinnamon Flavor Blast cleans and whitens teeth, while freshening your breath. The MicroFoamers gently clean and whiten your teeth and the real mouthwash provides a burst of freshness, all with the sweet cinnamon flavor of Close-Up!

This item expires 06-2021. Check others to make sure they are not expired or close to the expiration date!