Sisley Confort Extreme Body Cream Skin Care Sample Very Dry Sensitive Skin 8ml

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Confort Extreme Body Cream Skin Care Sample
Dry /Very Dry Skin 8ml

Confort Extreme Body Cream is specifically designed for intense, long-lasting nourishment of the most dehydrated and delipidated skin types. A formula particularly rich in plant-based active ingredients improves the hydration, protection, and nourishment of the skin. Shea and kokum butters immediately and lastingly soothe and nourish, harpagophytum extract immediately soothes, and chestnut extract reinforces the functioning of the epidermal barrier, allowing the skin to better protect itself against environmental stressors and dryness. Rich and creamy, this skincare product immediately comforts. Skin is nourished and left hydrated, supple, and soft.